Focused Training with Great Results

How can you, your staff, or your board improve your fundraising skills? How can you obtain a better grounding in the essential elements of fundraising?

Our customized trainings and intensive, small-group seminars help new development officers, nonprofit leaders, and board members improve their knowledge of and comfort with the keys to fundraising success.

Board Development

A high-functioning, generous board of directors is a blessing to any nonprofit, but many groups struggle to create such boards.

We assist our clients with the challenges of board development by providing board training and coaching, advising on board-building strategies, and helping them utilize their current boards more effectively.



Staff Trainings

Our trainings coach leaders and staff on how to

Create successful strategic development plans
Build stronger and more productive donor relationships
Implement strategies for retaining and upgrading donors
Run effective direct mail programs
Conduct useful prospect research
Solicit foundations
Start or improve planned giving programs

Professional Coaching

Many development leaders feel isolated, unsure of where to turn for perspective and practical advice as they build their fundraising programs.

Our seasoned consultants provide regular development coaching services, staying in frequent contact with those they mentor to answer questions, troubleshoot development issues, and provide accountability. These conversations can often make the difference between success and failure, confidence and confusion.


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